Hey there! 👋 We're Elsa and Martin.

We believe in positive human collaboration, conscious consumption and future-proof eco-friendly solutions

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I am the lead developer behind Feeka

I've been passionate about tech since I was 10 years old. That passion only led to my sister's computer getting broken at first, but I quickly learned how to fix it. I started programming in C/Python around the age of 12 and installed Ubuntu for the first time (I still have the CDs).

Since then, I never stopped breaking, fixing, learning, coding and discovering many new aspects of IT and other fields around it ! That's also the reason why I stopped my career as an employee and became a Freelancer : I felt like I just stopped learning and was starting to become a coding machine. Now I get to work on a lot of different and exciting projects, try new things, start companies and have fun !

I am the brand & web designer at Feeka

I've always been a creative person. I landed in a Web Design school by accident (kind of) but I had an instant crush for the matter.

What drives me everyday is making ideas turn into reality. My favorite part of every project is the Art direction : looking for inspiration, testing lots of combinations and styles to be able to introduce mature proposals to our clients!

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